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Definition av antenna

  • A feeler organ on the head of an insect, crab, or other animal
  • The faculty of intuitive astuteness
  • A fragment of an oligosaccharide
  • For multiple ''feelers'the Anglicised plural, ''antennas'', is used only rarely in scholarly works in the life sciences. In other subjects and in less formal settings, ''antennas'is found with increased frequency
  • For multiple ''aerials'both plural forms are acceptable in scholarly works. The Latinate plural, ''antennae'', is rarer in less formal settings
  • Some make a distinction between an and an , with the former used to indicate a rigid structure for radio reception or transmission, and the latter consisting of a wire strung in the air. For those who do not make a distinction, is more commonly used in the United States and is more commonly used in the United Kingdom


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