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  • -lta
  • -staKuinkasta sinä voit?
  • alkaenViisi vuotta, mutta mistä alkaen? Five years - but from which date? Tämä on ollut selvää alusta alkaen. That much was clear from the outset. Tämä oli ajatuksena alusta alkaen. This has been the idea from the outset.
  • astiSartre tunsi tämän lapsuudestaan asti. Sartre felt it from childhood. Se olisi kahlittu alusta asti. It will be fettered from the outset. Se on ollut alusta asti pyrkimyksenämme. That was our purpose from the outset.
  • etätyö

Definition av from


  • This wine comes from France
  • I got a letter from my brother
  • He had books piled from floor to ceiling
  • He left yesterday from Chicago
  • Face away from the wall!
  • 20 from 31 leaves 11
  • The program goes from 8 to 10
  • Rate your pain from 1 to 10
  • You can study anything from math to literature
  • This manuscript is from the 1980s
  • An umbrella protects from the sun
  • He knows right from wrong
  • The general was ousted from power
  • Its hard to tell from here
  • Its made from pure gold
  • Too many people die from breast cancer
  • You cant get all your news from the Internet

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