finska-engelska översättning av halpamainen

  • dirty
    Despite a walk in the rain, my shoes werent too dirtyDont put that in your mouth, dear. Its dirtyAt the reception, Uncle Nick got drunk and told dirty jokes to the bridesmaids
  • ignoble
  • base
    The logarithm to base 2 of 8 is 3.base coinbase bullion
  • cheap
    I had hoped this issue would be treated as more important than one subject to cheap political point-scoring. Toivoin, että asian käsittely olisi ollut tärkeämpää kuin halpamainen poliittisten pisteiden kerääminen. the cheap trick of hiding deadly lava under pushable blocksInsurance is expensive, but dont be so cheap that you risk losing your home because of a fire
  • contemptible
  • infamous
    He was an infamous traitor.He was an infamous perjurer.This infamous deed tarnishes all involved.
  • low
    standing on low ground   in a low valley, ringed by low hills   a low wall   a low shelfthe low countries   Low Germanthe pitch (or: the ball) was low
  • low-down
  • lowdown
    All the reporters hoped to be the first to get the lowdown on the celebritys marriage plans.Lowdown tactics
  • mean
    The figure for appropriations, ladies and gentlemen, is really very impressive, I have to say, and the word meanness is not appropriate. Hyvät kollegat, mielestäni määrärahojen kokonaismäärä on todella hyvin vaikuttava, eikä sana "halpamainen" sovi tähän yhteyteen. I didnt mean to knock your tooth outI mean to go to Baddeck this summer
  • ornery
  • sordid
  • ungenerous

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