finska-engelska översättning av heitto

  • cast
    The director cast the part carefullyThe director cast John Smith as King Learto cast about for reasons
  • riposte
  • throw
    throw a shoe; throw a javelin; the horse threw its riderthrow the switchIf the file is read-only, the method throws an invalid-operation exception
  • caprice
  • fling
    the fling of a horseI had a fling with a girl I met on holiday.the Highland fling
  • pitch
    It is hard to get this pitch off my hand.They put pitch on the mast to protect it.The barrel was sealed with pitch.
  • shy
    He is very shy with strangers.By our count your shipment came up two shy of the bill of lading amount.It is just shy of a mile from here to their house.
  • toss
    I couldnt give a toss about her.Toss it over here!to toss the head
  • flip
    Well decide this on a flip of a coin.The diver did a couple of flips before landing in the pool.Justin Bieber and Zac Efron are among the celebrities who wore a flip.

Definition av heitto


  • Timo yritti heittää hattunsa naulakkoon, mutta heitto meni ohi.
  • Kun kerran keksii hyvän heiton, ei sitä millään malta olla käyttämättä. är en helt gratis Internet ordbok. Miljontals översättningar på över 20 olika språk.

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