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  • be nervous
  • draw
    He tried to draw a conclusion from the factsTea is much nicer if you let it draw for three minutes before pouringto draw money from a bank
  • stress
    Go easy on him, hes been under a lot of stress lately.Some people put the stress on the first syllable of “controversy”; others put it on the second.“Emphasis” is stressed on the first syllable, but “emphatic” is stressed on the second.
  • tense
    English only has a present tense and a past tense; it has no future tense.Dyirbal verbs are not inflected for tense.tensing a verb
  • tension
    We tensioned the cable until it snapped.
  • tickle
    I have a persistent tickle in my throat.He tickled Nancys tummy, and she started to giggle.My nose tickles, and Im going to sneeze!

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