finska-engelska översättning av kierre

  • spiral
    That is the only way to break the spiral of violence. Vain näin väkivallan kierre voidaan katkaista. The downward spiral of violence is turning faster and faster. Väkivallan alaspäin johtava kierre pyörii yhä kiivaammin. We need to break out of this spiral, which affects women more than men. Meidän on katkaistava tämä kierre, joka vaikuttaa enemmän naisiin kuin miehiin.
  • curl
    The one-piece back is of a medium curlI curl at my local club every weekend
  • twist
    Damascus twista twist toward fanaticismAvarice twists itself into all human concerns.
  • swing
    The plant swung in the breeze.The children laughed as they swung.It wasnt long before the crowds mood swung towards restless irritability.
  • curler
    The captain sent a curler into the top corner of the net
  • fillet
  • flute
  • helix
  • lay
    to lay a book on the table;   to lay a body in the graveA shower of rain lays the dust.A corresponding intransitive version of this word is lie
  • screw thread
  • spin
    I spun myself around a few times.Spin the ball on the floor.She spun around and gave him a big smile.
  • swirl
    I swirled my brush around in the paint.
  • worm
    Dont try to run away, you little worm!We wormed our way through the underbrushHe wormed his way into the organization
  • convolution
  • corkscrew
    I opened the wine with a corkscrew.
  • cut
    Would you please cut the cake?I have three diamonds to cut todayThe patient said she had been cutting since the age of thirteen.
  • English
    Those immigrants Anglicised their names to make them sound more Englishan English tonThe Scottish and the English have a history of conflict
  • hook
    The songs hook snared meHe is not handling this job, so were giving him the hookHe threw a hook in the dirt
  • thread
    All of these essays have a common threadI’ve lost the thread of what you’re sayingthread a needle
  • turn
    The downward spiral of violence is turning faster and faster. Väkivallan alaspäin johtava kierre pyörii yhä kiivaammin. As I have already stated, the purpose of the reform is to turn around the negative spiral we are in now. Kuten jo totesin, uudistuksen tarkoituksena on kääntää nykyinen epäedullinen kierre parempaan suuntaan. the Earth turns; turn on the spot
  • vortex

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  • ruuvin kierre
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