finska-engelska översättning av mahtava

  • awesome
    The waterfall in the middle of the rainforest was an awesome sightThe tsunami was awesome in its destructive powerThat was awesome!
  • grand
    The agenda has a very grand title, the agenda for the 21st century. Ohjelman otsikko on mahtava, ohjelma on sopiva 2000-luvulle. a grand mountaina grand army
  • mighty
    Finally, as we approach Laeken, first the king' s mighty castle appears on the horizon. Lopuksi, kun lähestytään Laekenia, ensiksi näköpiiriin ilmestyy mahtava kuninkaan linna. We should remember that, behind Ukraine, there is the mighty hand of Russia, which would once again like to dominate this part of Europe. Meidän pitäisi muistaa, että Ukrainan takana on Venäjän mahtava käsi, joka haluaisi jälleen hallita tätä Euroopan osaa. To some extent, they paid dearly by having two of their cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, annihilated by the mighty nuclear holocaust brought upon them by the US. He saivat tavallaan maksaa sen kalliisti, kun Yhdysvaltain mahtava ydinpommi aiheutti laajaa tuhoa ja tuhosi kaksi heidän kaupungeistaan, Hiroshiman ja Nagasakin.
  • tremendous
    The rail system has a tremendous future. Rautatiejärjestelmän tulevaisuus on mahtava. This is a tremendous opportunity but does not guarantee results and it is for us to make something of it. Tilaisuus on mahtava, mutta sillä ei taata lopputuloksia, ja meidän on hyödynnettävä sitä. Even though the fight for the social clause will be long and difficult, we really have tremendous scope for taking action today. Vaikka taistelu sosiaalilausekkeen puolesta olisikin pitkä ja vaikea, meille avautuu nykyisin mahtava toimintakenttä.
  • magnificent
    May I ask those who bang on about the EU being this magnificent machine to ask themselves that question? Saanko pyytää niitä, jotka jauhavat siitä, kuinka EU on mahtava masiina, kysymään tätä itseltään? Until these questions have been answered, we can only believe that this is a magnificent ideological dogma designed to justify the introduction of a world government. Ennen kuin näihin kysymyksiin on saatu vastaus, voimme vain uskoa, että tämä on mahtava ideologinen dogmi, joka on suunniteltu oikeuttamaan maailmanhallituksen käyttöönotto.
  • awful
    My socks smell awful.We saw such an awful film last night that we left the theater before the awful bonnet
  • capital
    He does not have enough capital to start a businessWashington D.C. is the capital of the United States of AmericaThe Welsh government claims that Cardiff is Europe’s youngest capital
  • cracking
    the crackings of whipsThe race started at a cracking pace.We had a cracking time.
  • deadly
    deadly enemiesHer face suddenly became deadly white.
  • epic
    The Icelandic epic took all night to recite.The book was an epic in four volumes.Beowulf is an epic poem.
  • fabulous
  • fantastic
    This is a fantastic project, a good beginning, and I would like to thank all of my colleagues who voted for it. Tämä on mahtava hanke ja hieno alku. Haluan kiittää kaikkia kollegoitani, jotka äänestivät sen puolesta. He told fantastic stories of dragons and goblinsHis fantastic post-college plans had all collapsed within a year of graduation
  • formidable
    There is some basis for this, because we have a formidable advantage. Meillä nimittäin on kuitenkin mahtava etu. We in Europe face the formidable challenge of investing as much as possible as quickly as possible in these new high-speed broadband networks. Meillä on Euroopassa edessämme mahtava haaste, joka koskee mahdollisimman suuria ja mahdollisimman nopeita investointeja uusiin huippunopeisiin laajakaistaverkkoihin. You now face a formidable task, Commissioner, and one that will severely test your diplomatic and consensus-building skills, as well as those of others. Arvoisa komission jäsen, teillä on nyt mahtava tehtävä, joka varmasti koettelee vakavasti diplomaattisia ja neuvottelutaitojanne, kuten muidenkin taitoja.
  • glorious
    glorious deeds
  • grandiose
  • great
    I think I would like to opt for 'Great British' - but no, we will go for 'global'. Valintani on ”Great British” (mahtava brittiläinen) - jos totta puhutaan, valintamme on ”global” (maailmanlaajuinen). Mr Blair is right when he says that we have a great legacy to uphold. Pääministeri Blair on oikeassa todetessaan, että meillä on mahtava perintö ylläpidettävänämme. This summit will be a great opportunity as the Commissioner has stated. Tämä huippukokous on mahtava tilaisuus, kuten komission jäsen totesi.
  • hefty
    She carries a hefty backpack full of books.He can throw a hefty punch.They use some hefty bolts to hold up road signs.
  • imperial
  • imposing
  • massive
    A massive comet or asteroid appears to have ended the era of the dinosaursCompared to its counterparts from World War II, the Abrams main battle tank is truly massiveThe enlightenment comprises massive shifts in many areas of Western thought
  • mega
  • monumental
    a monumental taskMonumental construction
  • out of sight
    for a few daysWith the company merger out of sight, the bankruptcy will proceedHow was the party? Out of sight, man!
  • pontifical
  • powerful
    We know what a powerful country it is. Tiedämme myös, miten mahtava maa se on. There are few of them left and they are up against a very powerful, economic adversary. Heitä on vain vähän, ja heidän vastustajanaan on hyvin mahtava talouselämä. Yet I believe that no matter how big and powerful China may be she is still part of the world. Uskon silti, että vaikka Kiina olisi kuinka suuri ja mahtava, se on yhä osa maailmaa.
  • prodigious
  • socko
  • sumptuous
  • swell
    Rains and dissolving snow swell the rivers in spring.The organ music be swelled with pride or haughtiness
  • terrible
    The witch gave him a terrible curseHe paid a terrible price for his life of drinkingThe food was terrible, but it was free
  • choice
    Do I have a choice of what color to paint it?She didnt leave us much choiceThe ice cream sundae is a popular choice for dessert.
  • colossal
    A single puppy can make a colossal mess
  • fab
    The chip fab will double its production next year.It uses digital data from a computer to “fab” products and models of new products. []
  • fabby
  • filthy
  • gorgeous
    All the contest judges agreed that Brigitt was absolutely gorgeous.The sunsets in Hawaii are gorgeous.Hummus is absolutely gorgeous.
  • lallapalootza
  • marvellous
    I went to a marvellous party last week.
  • marvelous
    I went to a marvelous party last week.
  • smashing
    The boxer delivered a smashing blow to his opponents head.We had a smashing time at the zoo.Some Greek dance is traditionally accompanied by the smashing of crockery.
  • smashing (ark)
  • solid
    Almost all metals are solid at room temperature.solid gold, solid chocolatea solid foundation
  • spectacular
    The parachutists were spectacular.the merely spectacular
  • splendorous
  • stately
  • stupendous
    One cannot appreciate how stupendous the Matterhorn is without seeing it.The renovator created a stupendous new look for our house.
  • transcends

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