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  • derogate
    1605, Dry up in her the organs of increase, / And from her derogate body never spring / A babe to honour her. — William Shakespeare, King Lear I.iv
  • break up
    It broke up when it hit the ground.She broke up with her boyfriend last week.The meeting finally broke up after a three-hour discussion
  • crumble
    The empire crumbled when the rulers indiscretions came to light.We crumbled some bread into the water.blackberry and apple crumble
  • cut up
    With a little practice, you can cut up a whole chicken yourself for frying.The attackers cut him up pretty bad.The reviewer cut up the book mercilessly.
  • fritter
    I was supposed to do work, but I frittered around all afternoon.He can’t figure out how to finish the paper he’s writing, so he’s resorted to frittering with the fonts.It is quite possible to fritter ones life away in answer to the endless calls of others.
  • shred
    There isnt a shred of evidence to support his claims.
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