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  • crush
    Support for the separatists cannot, now or in the future, be crushed by the military operations. Separatistien kannatusta ei voida nyt eikä tulevaisuudessa murskata sotilasoperaatioilla. The idea that it will, as the Russian Government believes, be possible to crush all opposition in Chechnya is a myth. Ajatus, että kaikki vastarinta Tšetšeniassa voidaan murskata, kuten Venäjän hallitus uskoo, on myytti. Schopenhauer said 'Any stupid boy can crush a beetle, but all the professors in the world cannot create a new beetle.' Schopenhauer sanoi, että kuka tahansa hölmö poika voi murskata kovakuoriaisen, mutta kaikki maailman professorit eivät pysty luomaan uutta kovakuoriaista.
  • smash
    Or, how do you safely smash and dispose of 83 million eggs every day? Toisin sanoen kuinka voidaan turvallisesti murskata ja hävittää 83 miljoonaa munaa päivittäin? I could hear the screech of the brakes, then the horrible smash of cars colliding.The driver and two passengers were badly injured in the smash.
  • pulverise
    the stone pulverises easily
  • break
    If the vase falls to the floor, it might breakIn order to tend to the accident victim, he will break the window of the carHis ribs broke under the weight of the rocks piled on his chest
  • crunch
    When I came home, Susan was watching TV with her feet up on the couch, crunching a piece of celeryBeetles crunched beneath the mens heavy boots as they workedThat metadata makes it much easier for the search engine to crunch the data for queries
  • dash
    Duly noted! Indeed, in this regard, let the European institutions not dash the legitimate expectations of the citizens of the accession countries, for the sake of a more secure, more just world. Turvallisemman ja oikeudenmukaisemman maailman tähden älkäämme antako Euroopan unionin toimielinten murskata unioniin liittyvien maiden kansalaisten tätä koskevia oikeutettuja toiveita.Add a dash of vinegar.There is a dash of craziness in his personality.
  • destroy
    We are all asking for flexibility, but we must not of course destroy the principles behind having legislation in this area. Me olemme kaikki vaatimassa joustavuutta, mutta emme tietenkään saa murskata tämän alan lainsäädännön taustalla olevia periaatteita. The earthquake destroyed several apartment complexesHooligans destroy unprovoked
  • hammer
    It is a neoliberal hammer designed to obliterate all social aspects. Se on uusliberaalien moukari, jolla on tarkoitus murskata kaikki sosiaaliset näkökohdat. St. Augustine was the hammer of heresies.I could hear the engine’s valves hammering once the timing rod was thrown.
  • overwhelm
    The dinghy was overwhelmed by the great wave.In December 1939 the Soviet Union attacked Finland with overwhelming force.He was overwhelmed with guilt.
  • pound
    the Rhode Island pound; the New Hampshire poundBeverly Hills Cop, Paramount Pictures, 1984Inspector Douglas Todd: Where did you get a truckload of cigarettes from anyway?
  • quell
    to quell griefto quell the tumult of the soul
  • slate
    Put it on my slate – I’ll pay you next week.Roy Disney led the alternative slate of directors for the stockholder vote.The old church ledgers show that the roof was slated in 1775.
  • squash
    When Im thirsty I drink squash; it tastes much nicer than plain water.Its a bit of a squash in this small room.Somehow, she squashed all her books into her backpack, which was now too heavy to carry
  • upend
    When he upended the bottle of water over his sleeping sister, the lid popped off and surprised them bothupend the box and empty the contentsThe scientific evidence upended the popular myth
  • bash
    He bashed himself against the doorThe thugs kept bashing the cowering victimDont bash into me with that shopping trolley
  • beat in
  • brake
    The farmers son brakes the flax while mother brakes the bread dough
  • comminute
    The drink contains lemon comminute.
  • crash
    The piece ended in a crescendo, building up to a crash of cymbals.After the lightning came the crash of thunder.She broke two bones in her body in a car crash.
  • grind
    grind a lensgrind an axeThis corn grinds well.
  • overbear
  • squelch
    Even the king’s announcement could not squelch the rumors.The mud squelched underfoot; it had been raining all night.The mud was thick and sticky underfoot, but we squelched through it nonetheless.
  • steam roller
  • wreck
    He was an emotional wreck after the death of his wife.He wrecked the car in a collision.That adulterous hussy wrecked my marriage!

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