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  • tire
    I should like to make just a few points which might freshen up the debate, or perhaps make you even more tired, Commissioner! Haluan esittää vain muutaman huomautuksen, jotka saattavat virkistää keskustelua – tai ehkä vain väsyttää teitä lisää, arvoisa komission jäsen. I tire of this book.
  • fatigue
  • fray
    Though they did not know the reason for the dispute, they did not hesitate to leap into the fray.The ribbon frayed at the cut end.The hectic day ended in frayed nerves. (Metaphorical use; nerves are visualised as strings
  • harass
    To harass good people is no different than speaking ill of them
  • jade
  • wear
    the same time?&emspHe wears eyeglasses. She wears her hair in braidsShe wore a smile all day. He walked out of the courtroom wearing an air of satisfaction
  • wear out
    Youre going to wear out that game if you keep playing so rough with it.He wears a pair of tennis shoes out every summer.The old tractor finally wore out.
  • wilt
  • exhaust
    The water was exhausted out of the wellMoisture of the earth is exhausted by evaporationto exhaust a well
  • fag (out)
  • To tire, make tired.

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