finska-engelska översättning av tappaa

  • kill
    It can kill healthy adults in hours. Se voi tappaa terveen aikuisen tunneissa. In that way Estonia is killing Finns. Sillä tavalla Viro tappaa suomalaisia. Is that not a paradox, to kill animals in order to ‘humanely’ kill other animals? Eikö ole paradoksaalista tappaa eläimiä, jotta muita eläimiä voitaisiin tappaa kivuttomasti?
  • dispatch
    We must act with dispatch in this matter
  • do in
    By the eighth mile, I was sure that finishing the 10-mile hike would do me inWe very nearly did in an entire keg of beer that weekendI’m off to bed. I’m completely done in
  • frag
    Id been fighting him for ages, and then you stole my frag!I fragged him once and then meleed him for the kill.I fragged him but he fell off the ledge afterwards.
  • hit
    An old lady went outside to fill a saucepan with water in the yard, was hit by a bullet and was killed instantly. Vanha nainen ei ehdi mennä täyttämään vesikattilaa pihalle, luoti osuu häneen ja tappaa hänet siihen paikkaan. One boy hit the otherThe ball hit the fence
  • kill; () slay
  • put to death
  • slay
    The knight slew the dragonOur foes must all be slainYou must slay these thoughts.
  • whack
    Cmon. Take a whack at it.40 bucks a whack.Its a whack!
  • burn
    The poorest in Zimbabwe do not want to shoot, kill, loot and burn crops. Kaikkein köyhimmät Zimbabwessa eivät halua ampua, tappaa, ryöstää ja polttaa satojaan. She had second-degree burns from falling in the bonfire.chili burn from eating hot peppers
  • bust on
  • croak
    Hed seen my face, so I had to croak him.
  • cut down
    They want to cut down several trees to make room for the parking lot.He wants to cut down on extra steps.Please dont put the candy jar right next to my desk. Im trying to cut down on sugar.
  • despatch
  • fell
    [[one fell swoopone fell swoop]]
  • knock off
    I think Ill knock off for the evening and go to bed.The mobsters hired the guy to knock off their enemies.They agreed to knock off 20% of the price.
  • liquidate
  • turn up
    Is this your pencil that turned up in my drawer?I dont like people turning up without an appointmentI spent hours in the archives, but couldnt turn up anything on the alleged criminal.
  • zap
    You might feel a little zap touching a metal doorknob when the air is dry.They spent the whole movie zapping bad guys into oblivion.I think they zapped the processor. är en helt gratis Internet ordbok. Miljontals översättningar på över 20 olika språk.

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