finska-engelska översättning av hyökätä

  • attack
    I do not intend to attack the scientists. En aio hyökätä tutkijoita vastaan. I will never allow the Commission to attack France. En salli milloinkaan komission hyökätä Ranskaa vastaan. It is terrible to know that you can be attacked at any moment. On hirvittävää tietää, että kimppuuni voidaan hyökätä milloin tahansa.
  • charge
    The child was in the nannys chargeThe child was a charge of the nannyThe ship had a charge of colonists and their belongings
  • invade
    The most he could have done was invade his back garden! Korkeintaan hän olisi voinut hyökätä puhujan omaan kotipuutarhaan! Perhaps he could tell us if the European Union really does intend to invade North Korea. Voisiko hän vastata, aikooko Euroopan unioni todellakin hyökätä Pohjois-Koreaa vastaan? I cannot imagine their grandchildren taking it into their heads to invade one of our Member States. En voi uskoa, että heidän lapsenlapsensa päättäisivät hyökätä johonkin jäsenvaltioomme.
  • allonge
  • assault
    Unfortunately, the regimes in power in Libya and Egypt have resorted as ever to sexual assault as a weapon with which to target women. Valitettavasti Libyan ja Egyptin hallinnot ovat tapansa mukaan turvautuneet seksuaaliseen väkivaltaan aseena, jolla voi hyökätä naisia vastaan. to make assault upon a man, a house, or a townto make an assault on the [[prerogative
  • come at
    His precise meaning was not easy to come at.As I backed away, he came at me with a knife.Nah, mate – I′m not going to come at that again. Too risky.
  • engage
    They were engaged last month! Theyre planning to have the wedding next yearWhenever I engage the clutch, the car stalls outThe teeth of one cogwheel engage those of another
  • go for
    Ill go for some milk.If John goes for three days without sleep, he will be very tired.I need to go for a checkup at the clinic.
  • henkilön kimppuun tai rynnäköidä) assault
  • rail
    We travelled to the seaside by rail.a small Scottish village not accessible by railWere experimenting with ads in the right-hand rail.
  • strike out
    Jones struck out on a nasty slider.The pitcher struck out Jones with a nasty slider.Dave asked the new girl to the dance but he struck out.
  • swoop
    The lone eagle swooped down into the lake, snatching its prey, a small fish.The dog had enthusiastically swooped down on the bone.A hawk swoops a chicken.
  • tehdä isku) raid
  • valtioon) invade
  • bust on
  • come
    This has all come about through instrumental amendments, in the form of direct attacks on the Italian Government and its President. Ja kaikki tämä tapahtuu tiettyjä tarkoituksia palvelevien sellaisten tarkistusten kautta, joilla halutaan hyökätä Italian hallituksen ja sen pääministerin kimppuun. I called the dog, but she wouldnt comeStop dawdling and come here!
  • do battle
  • give battle
  • lunge
    I lunged at the police officer and made a grab for her gun.
  • pounce
    to pounce paper, or a patternThe kitten pounced at the ball I threw to itShe pounced on the young man, because she loved him and wanted him for herself
  • raid
    a police raid of a narcotics factorya raid of contractors on the public treasuryThe police raided the gambling den.
  • To invade (a country = maahan (illative)).
  • To possessive suffix if the thing in genitive is a personal pronoun)).

Definition av hyökätä

  • käydä tietyn henkilön tai asian kimppuun fyysisesti tai sanallisesti är en helt gratis Internet ordbok. Miljontals översättningar på över 20 olika språk.

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