finska-engelska översättning av laskos

  • crease
    His pants had a nice sharp crease.His shirt was brand new with visible creases from its store fold.The bullet just creased his shoulder.
  • dart
    The sun darts forth his beams.The flying man darted eastward.The deer darted from the thicket
  • crinkle
    He crinkled the wrapper and threw it out.The old mans lined face crinkled into a smile.He observed the crinkles forming around his eyes and suddenly felt old.
  • fold
    If you fold the sheets, theyll fit more easily in the drawer.Cardboard doesnt fold very easily.The chair folded under his enormous weight.
  • pleat
  • ply
    two-ply toilet paperHe proposed to build Deep Purple, a super-computer capable of 24-ply look-ahead for chessHe plied his trade as carpenter for forty-three years
  • replication
    That painting is an almost exact replication of a famous Rembrandt painting.
  • wimple
    The wind wimples the surface of water.

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