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  • board
    Perhaps you can help in some way to ensure that this board, which will have historic importance one day, is displayed on the wall in front of the Council. Ehkä voitte jollain tavoin auttaa varmistamaan, että kyseinen taulu, jolla on jonain päivänä historiallista merkitystä, kiinnitetään seinälle neuvoston eteen. Each player starts the game with four counters on the board.We have to wait to hear back from the board
  • painting
    The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintingsThe outside of the old house would benefit from some paintingSome artists, like Michelangelo, excel in both painting and sculpture
  • bezel
  • picture
    There was a picture hanging above the fireplaceI took a picture of the churchCasablanca is my all-time favorite picture
  • table
    Thats the strongest table Ive ever seen at a European Poker Tour eventThe children were practising multiplication tablesDon’t you know your tables?
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