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  • aberration
    the aberration of youthaberrations from theoryaberration of character
  • anomaly
    This anomaly must be resolved without delay. Tämä poikkeama täytyy ratkaista mahdollisimman pikaisesti. The ECR Group is concerned about how effectively this proposal would be implemented and what message this anomaly sends out to the EU public about how we make law here. ECR-ryhmä on huolissaan siitä, kuinka tehokkaasti tämä esitys pantaisiin täytäntöön ja millaisen viestin tämä poikkeama lähettää EU:n kansalaisille siitä, miten säädämme lakeja. He is an anomaly among his friends.
  • aberrance
  • absolute deviation
  • deflection
  • departure
    The departure was scheduled for noonThere are several significant departures, however, from current practice.The area is computed by latitudes and departures
  • deviateHis exhibition of nude paintings deviated from the norm.
  • digressionThere you have the small digression that I wanted to make, Madam President. Arvoisa puhemies, tämä oli se pieni poikkeama aiheesta, jonka halusin tehdä. Indeed, allow me a slight digression. Sallikaa minulle pieni poikkeama aiheesta. The lectures included lengthy digressions on topics ranging from the professors dog to the meaning of life.
  • divergenta divergent statementa divergent lens
  • exception
    That rule is usually true, but there are a few exceptions
  • pathologyThe surgeon sent a specimen of the cyst to the pathology department for staining and analysis to determine its histologic subtype
  • precautionary landing
  • turn of events
  • varianceDepending on the variance of the type constructor, the subtyping relation of the simple types may be either preserved, reversed, or ignored for the respective complex types.

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